David Lynch: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

American Film Director David Lynch, creator of works like The Elephant Man, Lost Highway, Dune or The Straight Story gives an audience Q&A. I have the deepest admiration for Lynch’s work – and always felt a connection through his films on many levels.

Here he explains how Transcendental Meditation has been a positive influence on his creativity and life in general. I’ve had some experience with meditation myself and even though i never reached the depths he describes, I can corroborate some of the mentioned sensations. Science is only beginning to understand the underpinnings of the inner workings of the brain – i strongly suggest watching the Stuart Hameroff Interview in connection to this.

Watch Lynch’s hands when he describes something in detail:

If you have got the time, watch this Q&A – it is more in depth and features presentations about the scientific background from John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum physicist and Fred Travis, Ph.D.:


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