video Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR

This stuff really weirds me out: Appearantly there are some people who feel a pleasurable tingling sensation within their skulls when they hear certain sounds or see something special. They call those events visual and aural triggers – and here comes the weird part: Those Triggers seem to include in particular girls picking ears, speaking soft, playing customer service people or doing other weird shit. For me all this sounds like some super-weird sex-fetish, and if the next video features some rubber-enclosed convulsing people picking their ears, i won’t be shocked – but so far all i have seen was asexual. Youtube seems to have a large compendium of whispering girls unpacking candy, whispering girls doing their makeup, whispering girls showing off their cutsey bags and so on. I am getting old.

Here is a website that informs about ASMR (in German) and here informs Wikipedia about it in English

Here comes the weird stuff:


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