Is there a relation between war and oil?

The independent youtube journalist Ken Jebsen regularly interviews interesting people from various backgrounds whos viewpoints seldomly get any attention in the mainstream media. He usually does that only in German, but this time he features an interview in English on his channel.

Dr. Daniele Ganser is a swiss historian and peace researcher. His publications are e.g. about NATO’s secret army, Operation Gladio, 9/11 and peak oil. Tommy Hansen (link to Facebook), who is a Danish journalist and founder of the about authentic journalism, met Ganser in his Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research in Basel, Switzerland. KenFM presents their detailed Interview about the relations between war and oil. The question ‘Is there a relation between war and oil’ reminds me of Paul’s similar question in Frank Herbert’s Dune: ‘Is there a relationship between worm and spice?’ The answer even if all items are not completely analogus (though the more i think about it, the more it seems to be), in both cases the same.


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