How Women Manipulate Men

Diana Davidson explains the techniques women use to exercise power over men. She uses the case of Dalia Dippolito, who hired an assassin to kill her husband (the ‘assassin’ was unbeknownst to her an FBI agent) and was later confronted by police and her still alive husband. Davidson disects the manipulative language and bargaining, that the women employs in an effort to reaquire her hold over her husband.

Davidson writes the following on her Youtube page: There is no definitive list of techniques to how women manipulate men but you can see it in action. The case of Dalia Dippolito, caught hiring an assassin to kill her husband, produced really good footage of a woman in full manipulation mode. She was convinced that if she could get her husband physically close to her, she could blind him. And she’s right. As long as men remain unaware of their vulnerability to female manipulation they will continue to be victims to it.

Diana Davidsons Youtube Channel


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