video Waking up with Sam Harris

I really do enjoy Sam Harris perspective and calm oratory on religious topics, but only recently came across his series of podcasts under the title Waking up. I usually listen to something from Youtube to fall asleep – but that surely is impossible to Waking up – i ended up staying awake until about 5am, listening to about 4 installments of this most captivating series.

Harris’ is a keen mind, able to grasp and compile the essential content of his interviewee’s statements.

In this episode he interviews David Deutsch,  best known as the founding father of the quantum theory of computation, and for his work on Everettian (multiverse) quantum theory. He is a Visiting Professor of Physics at Oxford University, where he works on “anything fundamental.” At present, that mainly means his proposed constructor theory. He has written two books – The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity – aimed at the general reader.


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