The Devolution of the Gaming Industry – Is It Worth a Buy?

Ok i thought it was funny – i want to introduce you to Mack’s two formats that I watch the most – His main channel ‘WAB’ for ‘Is it worth a buy’ Is a great review Channel – the man plays a great lot of games from various genres – a good deal of indie-games that really need some form of review – on steam is so much rubbish that it’s really adviseable to have a reviewer with a decent skill-level – and what in Mack’s case is really a plus – is his Age – i didnt bother to reseach – i’d put him in his late 40s or 50s -he has a Family, kids – and plays at least 3x as much as I do. “The Devolution of the Gaming Industry” is his very entertaining and well funded critique in the pandering of almost all studios to the juvenile unskilled gamer – games are almost all dumbed down to a point that we old-school gamer already view as cheating. His let’s play channel is nice too.

Devolution of the Gaming Industry – its mandatory!

WAB – he is really an entertaining character (who uses a Hector LaManchas’s Ding-Ding-Bell = Wheelchair Grandpa from Breaking Bad)


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